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We wanted to take the opportunity to thank Nick Lesher and his team at Re/Max. We had the privilege of working with him on a few occasions in this past year and we were very pleased with how everything went.

As a young farmer starting out, having the access to proper finance is sometimes the biggest challenge to getting started. Nick was open to ideas and willing to help brainstorm ways to create an arrangement which had benefits for both sides. He also helped us get in contact with the right people to make our business a success.

We are very grateful for everything they have done for us in this past year and look forward to working with Nick and his team in the future. I am certain we would not have had the same level of success with everyone else!

Mike & Stephanie Peters

When we decided to sell one of our quarters we phoned Dawn Parent; at our first meeting with her she advised us that Nick Lesher would be a better agent, for his knowledge of Farm Land. We listed with Nick and in just a few months he had the land sold. We want to thank Nick & Dawn and we would recommend Nick's services to anyone needing a real estate agent.

Ken & Bonnie Duckett

Ken and Bonnie Duckett

When we decided to put our farmland up for sale, your name came highly recommended to us from several friends who had used your services. We have been very pleased with your professionalism and the care and attention that you give your clients. You never hesitated to return our phone calls or e-mails, even if it was a simple question about what should be happening. You kept us informed and up to date with all the steps along the way. You helped with the application for the subdivision, which had to be done prior to the farmland being sold. Our farmland was sold for a value that we were very pleased with and in a timely manner for both the parties involved in this sale.

We would highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to sell their farmland and home. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Sonja Tweit

Sonja Tweit

Nick Lesher has worked with me at RE/MAX real estate central Alberta for a little more than four years. In that short time, he has consistently grown and nurtured his business to the point that he has achieved number one status in my organization of approximately 70 agents, number 25 in Canada of Commercial & Residential realtors and has placed #52 in the world wide RE/MAX system (105,000+agents) in 2015. That is a very impressive feat for someone working in Lacombe, Alberta.

The reason Nick has been successful in my opinion is his total commitment to serving his clients above and beyond their expectations. I believe he puts their needs ahead of his own and as a result, the success comes.

While Nick doesn't have long experience in the real estate business, he has a lot of 'life' experience as a farmer and a business person and that has helped him mature quickly in the real estate business. He has never been too proud to ask for help when needed and doesn't have to be told more than once.

It is rare to see someone in our business achieve at the level Nick has so early in his career. I believe that his integrity, work ethic and desire to serve are the ingredients that got him there. I look forward to seeing Nick continue to achieve at a very high level in the future.

Dale Russell, Broker/Owner RE/MAX real estate central alberta

My wife and I could not have asked for a better experience when selling our property. Nick is extremely thorough and works hard to achieve the best possible outcome in a timely manner. He truly values his clients and keeps their best interests ahead of everything else. We could not have asked for a more positive outcome.

Andy & Shannon Rainforth

I had the privilege of using Nick Lesher as a real estate agent and he didn't disappoint! He was honest and straight forward when it came time to negotiating offers and he seemed genuinely invested in my best interest. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a great real estate agent.

Courtney Polson

Last summer my Business Partner and I were considering to sell our properties. I had asked both my banker and accountant as well as a couple of other people who the right person for the job would be. Nick Lesher came highly recommended as the best choice to give us a true accurate evaluation and would definitely be the best person if we were to sell our properties.

Upon meeting Nick I was absolutely 100% impressed. My partner and I have been in business for many years, and the experience I had in dealing with Nick was unmatched!

Right from the start Nick's product knowledge was so far beyond what we experienced with anyone else in the industry that we had previously considered. After our initial meeting's it was not even a question as to if we would hire Nick.

Nicks approach to our evaluation was an absolute breath of fresh air. The information he provided was clear, organized, well presented, accurate and most of all had NO BULLSHIT in it! What Nick stated that our property was worth, he not only believed in but supported it with facts. Nick's market evaluation was far more detailed than we would expect and in the end delivered EXACTLY what he said he could.

When we made the choice to market our property Nick's marketing plan was absolutely different than anyone else in the market that we had seen. The confidence that we had in dealing with Nick was 100%. We never had a moment when we did not expect Nick to do exactly what he committed to.

As we walked through the sale process I could not be more impressed at Nick's ability to market the property and his negotiation skills which are unmatched. It was very obvious from Nick's hard work and extreme dedication to accomplish our goals that the customer comes first. I can see this was brought out of many years of owning different businesses where customer satisfaction is key.

Nick is experienced, focused, very personable, and delivers in a very calm manner . His every move is calculated and well executed with great skill and integrity.

I remember asking Nick about his commissions before we started. The answer Nick gave me was "that his commissions were higher than the industry averages, however the value that we would receive would be far beyond the Price we pay". In the end I can honestly say that the price we paid Nick to sell our property was absolutely without question one of the very best investments that we have ever made

Jason Henderson

We are writing to thank you for all of your hard work in helping us sell our farm. We are most grateful for your patience, intelligence, and most of all your integrity. You respectfully gave us all of the necessary information we needed to make a decision, after our decision was made you acted on the decision in a professional manner.

Let us acknowledge that the sale of our farm was a bit complicated as we were living in a province one time zone away. We both have very busy jobs and it can be difficult to get a hold of us. This did not phase you and you were able to communicate with us through email, and leaving messages which was very much appreciated.You always kept us informed with the activity of the offers.

You are great at what you do and it was a pleasure working with you.

Thanks again

Dave Johnson & Trudy denBoer

In our business with Nick Lesher we have found him to be sincere and very honest. He did not waste a lot of our time and got on with selling our property. We would recommend him to anyone who has real estate to sell or buy.

John & Audrey Noblet

About a year and a half ago, we thought it was an opportune time to expand our farm.

Knowing Nick as a friend as well as his great reputation to get the job done, we approached him with our real-estate need. We presented him with what we were looking for and asked him to find us a property. Within a couple of months, he had found the perfect farm.

We were so impressed at how Nick walked us through the sales process and his strong negotiating skills.
With both his knowledge of real estate and his personal wisdom, he not only found us a great property but was also able to give us the opportunity and the time to find help us in preparation of cash flows and direct us through the steps for the necessary financing.
Nick's past business experiences of farming and owning his own businesses made him very qualified to give us the right advice and was able to walk in our shoes.

We truly believe we could not have purchased this property without Nick's support and would give Nick our highest recommendation.

Nathanael and Christine Polson

Nick was instrumental in getting us in our beautiful new space in downtown Lacombe. Everyone at MNP couldn't be happier. Nick worked very well with all parties involved and kept us all informed and on track to get us in the building on time!

Angela Law, CPA, CA MNP LLP

We listed our land/house with Nick Lesher and it was the best thing we could have done. Throughout the whole process Nick was extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and very supportive. He kept us up to date with the progress and helped us through the quick and efficient sale of our land/house with no stress to us at all!!

We would recommend Nick to anyone who is selling or buying and needs a real estate agent!!

Chuck and Kris Burden

In reality, there is not enough good that I can say about your help in subdividing and selling my land!

Some of the benefits of having Nick Lesher as my Realtor were:

- His knowledge of the local area and agricultural land!
- His roots in the area.
- His association with the Community.
- His experience of the subdivision process.
- His calmness.
- His patience and sense of timing.
- His knowledge of local contractors for septic and surveying. I gave him the go ahead and Nick simply organized everything!
- His absolute friendship and support!

My husband used to say that it takes two years to sell a farm.
Once we navigated the subdivision process, it took Nick 12 hours to have the first offer on my table. It took 36 hours for the second offer. Both were over asking price! In fact, my farm never even got listed on MLS before it was sold!

I cannot recommend Nick Lesher highly enough! Believe in him, follow his direction and you will not regret that you did.

Many, many thanks to a dear friend that I made in the process of selling my farm after my husband died! Nick made the whole process painless.

Jennifer Dunham

We have known Nick for many years. When we became aware of the fact that Nick had obtained his realtor's licence we were comforted by the fact that we have a personal and up front relation with Nick going back many years. It was our pleasure to use Nick's services for our land sale.

During the process of selling our land through Nick, we were impressed with his know how, as well as his honest and up front attitude throughout the sale process. We will definitely be using Nick in any of our real estate transactions in the future, and we would recommend his services to anyone looking for the a fore mentioned traits in a realtor.

Rod Weenink

I have used Nick as a real estate agent for both buying and selling agricultural land. When I sold my property, with Nick, he had up to date previous sales in order to quickly compare with what I had to offer and to come up with a price that I was happy with yet still within a sell-able price.

On the property we purchased we received a booklet with all of the information pertinent to each piece of land and details of the properties. Upon having our offer to purchase accepted, within a timely manner, Nick followed us through the steps and was there to offer information if requested right up until the closing date.

Tyson Reed

Our family is very pleased with Nick and how he conducts business! Nick has been helping us for the past year with our real estate needs. Nick provides service that offers honesty, integrity, & diligence. We look forward to continuing to do business with Nick now & in the future.

The Kaiser Family


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